June 3, 2019

How to control mesh quality

When checking the quality of filter meshes, we will need to take tensile strength, mesh count, thread diameter as well as open area into consideration, other than these parameters, surface treatment is also measured when meshes are selected for specific filtration application.

Yarn Inspection

Raw material for filter mesh is the yarn (monofilament or multifilament), which is essential to the quality of woven filter meshes when we are talking about the mesh opening, mesh strength and surface (aesthetic surface).

High quality reeds

To ensure even mesh opening, not only advanced weaving looms are needed, but also reeds. Quality reeds can secure yarns not switching from one direction to another caused due to precision of reeds.

Mesh Inspection

No matter how good mesh suppliers are at weaving, there are some defects; But this can be controlled and inspected when meshes are finished from weaving, and can also be checked after washing and heat-setting to make sure all the defected meshes are tagged to indicate

Quality inspection of filter meshes
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