June 6, 2019

Felt Filter Bags vs Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags

When referring to the selection of filter bags, several critical principles have to be followed, such as chemical compatibility, hydrophilic or hydrophobic, filter rating, binding, extractable, thermal stability, flow rate and throughput.

Here we will talk about two major filter media: Felt Filter and Mesh (Mono-fialment) Filter.

Felt Filter Media: Felt is made from synthetic fiber in polyester and polypropylene (for liquid filtration). The proper combination of fiber diameter, weight and thickness result in an economical depth-filter media.

Characteristics of Depth Filter Media:

  1. Operating on the principle of depth filtration
  2. Disposable
  3. Singed or glazed on the felt surface to reduce fiber migration
  4. Broad chemical compatibility
  5. High dirt-loading

Monofilament Mesh Filter Media: is woven with synthetic yarn made of polyamide or polyester. Each filament is a single yarn, twill or plain weave, with square opening. Monofilament is believed to be strong and re-usable after cleaning, filter efficiency is over 90%.

Characteristics of Surface Filter Media:

  1. Operating on the principle of surface filtration
  2. Disposable or reusable
  3. Non-fiber releasing
  4. Good efficiency
  5. Capable of holding large amount of contaminants under the right conditions.
Felt Filter Bags (Depth Filtration)
Monofilament Polyamide Mesh Filter Bags (Surface Filtration)
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