Flow Cytometry Cell Strainers

Color-coded Cell strainers molded with food-and-medical grade nylon filter mesh, available in three different micron ratings: 45um, 70um and 100um. Even spacing makes the flow more even and quicker through the screen into the tubes

General Details

Cell Strainer (Cell strainer snap cap) for flow cytometry is made of food and medical grade polypropylene resin, molded with precision nylon filter mesh; Color-coded snap caps with screens indicate different micron ratings, which make it much easier to tell one micron rating from another when researchers are using these strainers.

The FACS cell strainers are available in three different micron ratings (coded with color to indicate one from another when using them), say: 40um, 70um and 100um.

Filter screen is made of monofilament nylon yarn, good quality with even spacing which ensures easy flow of liquid into FACS tubes.

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