Injection-molded Filters for Liquid Filtration

Molded with different kinds of filter meshes (synthetic filter mesh, metallic filter mesh) applied for liquid filtration

General Details

Injection-molded Plastic Filters with Synthetic Filter Meshes and Metallic Filter Meshes applied in industrial filtration areas.

Introduction: Filters are widely seen applications in industries, such as: home appliance, irrigation, areaspace, food and beverage, construction, chemical…, choosing the right and suitable filter is very important which depends on the understanding of filtration applications as well as filters.

Industrial Injection molded plastic filters are made by plastic injection, combing filters with plastic (as frame/support), engineering plastics, such as PA66, ABS, PP, PET, PBT… can be used for injection with filters. Filters are mainly in meshes or filter fabrics, most of the meshes are simply injected with meshes, however, some of the meshes cannot be just injected onto the plastic frame, but ultrasonic-welded onto the plastic frame.

Plastics: Major engineering plastics: PA66, PA66+GF, ABS, PP, PBT…

Filters: Filter Meshes (both synthetic filter meshes and metallic filter meshes), filter fabrics

Micron Rating: 5um to 3000um


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