Micron-rated Filter Bags

Micron-rated Liquid Filter Bags with rating from 0.5um to 2000um made of needle-punched felt and woven filter meshes

General Details

SHARE makes various kinds of micron-rated filter bags—economical and reliable filtration choice for industrial liquid filtration, which asks for depth or surface filtration with nominal or absolute filtration rate.

Standard Filter Bags available in stitched form and fully-welded form with galvalised steel ring and plastic collar.

  • 7” or 4” Galvanised Steel Rings (or stainless steel ring) which fit into universally all filter housings. Prolypropylene rings and stainless steel bands are also available.
  • Custom-moulded plastic rings enables filter bags with better sealing with filter housings without leaking when plastic collars are welded together with filter media, double handles or single handle on the plastic ring gives the convenience to lift up the filter bags as well as installation of liquid filter bags into filter housings.
  • Filter media is available in both non-woven filter felts and woven filter meshes (monofilament and multifilament)
  • Filtration rating is ranging from 0.5um to 250um for filter felts and 3um to 2000um for filter meshes.
  • Food grade and FDA compatibility filter media used to make liquid filter bags, whether it is industrial, chemical or food industry, our filter bags are perfectly suitable for the applications without any problems.

Chemical Compatibility Guide

Fiber Type Continuous Working Temp. Max. Working Temp. Filtration Characteristic Abrasion Resistance Hydrolysis Resistance Acid Resistance Alkalis Resistance Oxidation Resistance
PVC 75℃ 80℃ Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Good
PP 90℃ 100℃ Good Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Poor
PA 110℃ 115℃ Moderate Excellent Poort Moderate Good Moderate
PAN Copolymer 120℃` 130℃ Good Good Good Moderate Moderate Good
PET 135℃ 150℃ Excellent Excellent Poor Moderate Poor Good
m-Aramide 180℃ 220℃ Excellent Excellent Moderate Moderate Moderate Good
PPS 190℃ 200℃ Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Moderate
Polyimide 240℃ 280℃ Excellent Moderate Good Good Moderate Excellent
Polyertrafluoroethylene 250℃ 280℃ Moderate Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Fiberglass 250℃ 280℃ Moderate Moderate Excellent Poort Moderate Excellent

Filter Bags Size

Bag Size A (mm) B (mm) Area (m2)
3 102 229 0.07
4 102 356 0.12
1 178 406 0.23
2 178 813 0.41
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