Mesh Filter Bags

Monofilament / Multifilament Woven Mesh Filter Bags for liquid filtration, rating from 5um to 2000um

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General Details

Mesh Filter Bags

1. General introduction to Liquid Filter Bags

Filter bags are made to remove particles, contaminants from liquid and are often used in vessel, or open filtration systems, industrial water systems and chemical processing equipment. SHARE makes and supplies standard and custom-to-order filter bags, made of needle-punched filter felts (Polypropylene, Polyester Filter Felts) and monofilament/multifilament filter meshes (Polyamide Filter Meshes, Polyester Filter Meshes, Polypropylene Filter Meshes)

Bag Type: 1. Felt Filter Bags  2. Mesh Filter Bags
Top Design: 1. Plastic Collar  2. Steel Ring (galvanised or stainless steel ring) 3. Drawstring
Felt Filter Bags Seam Style: 1. Welded  2. Sewn

2. Mesh Filter Bags

All mesh filter bags are made and constructed with a woven or knitted fabric; Regardless your needs for a single filament mesh or multi-filament mesh, we have your needs met with our mesh filter bags made of mono-filament / multi-filament mesh filters which provides good strength with dimensional stability and no-fiber migrating.


        1. Available in Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene Filter Meshes, offering a broad chemical compatibility and price ranges
        2. Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags provides excellent strength, abrasion-resistance capabilities.
        3. Precision mesh filters provide predictable results for consistent performance
        4. Offered in standard and custom sizes to provide perfect fit for standard and special applications
        5. Ratings offered from 5um to 2000um with steel collar, plastic collar, seam welded or sewn
        6. Non-fiber Releasing during application
        7. All mesh filter bags are in accordance with FDA regulations and food-contact


        1. Automotive Industry
        2. Water Filtration and Purification
        3. Pharmaceutical Industry
        4. Food and Beverage Industry
        5. Chemical Processing
        6. Paintings and Coating
        7. Resins, Adhesive and Inks
        8. All other industries requiring filtration, purifications with mesh filter bags
Technical Data / Materials
Material Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester Filter Mesh (monofilament/multifilament)
Sizes Standard Size 1, 2, 3, 4, and other custom mesh filter bags
Micron Rating
3-2000 μm
Dimensions / Parameters
Length(nominal) Size 1: 430mm, Size 2: 810mm, Size 3: 230mm, Size 4: 380mm
Diameter Size 1: 180 mm, Size 2 = 180 mm, Size 3 = 100 mm, Size 4 = 100mm
Volume(l) Size 1: 7,6; Size 2: 17; Size 3: 1,9; Size: 2,7
Filter area (m²) Size 1: 0,24; Size 2 = 0,48; Size 3 = 0,08; Size 4 = 0,16
Operating Parameters
Max. Flowrate (m³/h) Size 1: 20; Size 2: 40; Size 3: 6; Size 4: 12
Max. Operating Temperature
176°C depending on the material
Max. Differential Pressure
3 bar
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