Molded Plastic Filters

Filter Media molded with different type of thermal plastic resins, such as PP, PA66, ABS, ACETAL, PBT...

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Specializing in the design, manufacturing up to order molded plastic filters, providing quality insert-molded and over-molded plastic filers and saving cost

Years of manufacturing filter meshes and filter felts experience empowers SHARE advantages in understanding filter and clients’ needs when coming to the design, manufacturing of molded plastic filters / screens, closely working with our clients from different industries in need of filters, we are trying and working hard to provide quality filters for our clients at competitive prices to reduce our clients’ production cost.

We also work with raw material suppliers (plastic resin) to get quality plastic fibers/resins to secure injection-molding filters quality and select right and good-for-application filter media to make the molded filters, which are widely used and applied in industries, such as automotive (fuel, injector, brake system, air-conditioning…), home appliance, chemical processing, food and beverage, health care, … etc.

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