Over-molded Plastic Filters

Over-molded Plastic filters for liquid filtration, dust collection or sifting/straining

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SHARE is an expert in filtration field supplying filter screens/meshes and molded plastic filters, which are widely applied in liquid filtration, dust collection and sifting. Over-molding Plastic filter is a filter part / element injected with screens/meshes surrounded by plastic frame as a support.

Over-molding process is an injection process to put a screen or fabric or felt into the mold cavity and when injectioni mold is closed, plastic will flow around the screen/fabric/felt and cover the filter media with plastic, which is working as a support to the filter media.

What Filter Media can be selected for the over-molding: Synthetic Filter Meshes (Polyamide Filter Mesh, Polyester Filter Mesh, Polypropylene Filter Mesh, Polyethylene Filter Mesh), Metallic Filter Mesh (Stainless Steel Filter Mesh, Brass Filter Mesh, other alloy filter meshes), filter fabrics and filter felts.

Plastic Frame availabilities: Polyamide, Polypropylene, POM/Acetal, ABS, PBT, TPU/TPE…

1. Automotive Industry     2. Home Appliance   3. Chemical Process   4. Food and Beverage   5. Biological industry  6. Agricultural Industry … industries requiring liquid/water filtration, dust collection and straining/sifting.

Some photos of filter parts with over-molding technique for industrial filtration, separation and sifting:

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