Automotive Plastic Filters

Injection-molding Plastic Filters applied in automotive industry

General Details

General Introduction:

Molded Plastic Filters applied in automotive industry are designed and made for the protection of relevant mechanical and electronic components, SHARE is providing fine woven filter mesh made of finest mono-filament yarns in automotive sectors; To keep contaminants or particles from entering into fuel engine systems to protect vehicles from damaging, and keep dust/contaminants from brake systems.


      1. Oil Filters
      2. Gasoline Filters
      3. Injector Filters
      4. ABS Filters
      5. Automotive Air Conditioner Filters
      6. Hydraulic Filters
      7. Transmission Filters
      8. Brake Filters
      9. Power Steering Filters
      10. Oil Control Panel Filters
      11. Water Filters
      12. Diesel Filters





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