Polyamide Screen Printing Meshes

High Modulous Polyamide Screen Printing Mesh is suitable for curved or rigid surface due to its flexibility and elasticity.

General Details

Introduction: Good ability of heat-resistance and wear-resistance, which makes polyamide woven mesh ideal for filtration and silk printing when long service life is needed; Better elongation/stretching property compared with polyester woven mesh, polyamide screen printing mesh is more used in industrial printing where less accuracy is in need, and where needs mesh to be stronger.

High Modulous Polyamide Screen Printing Mesh is well suited for printing onto the curved or rigid surfaces such as containers, ceramic and so forth because of its flexibility and elasticity. It also has a reliable mechanical resistance and good elmusion adhesion, making it suitable for printing with abrasive pastes or substrate.

Properties of Polyamide Printing Meshes: Good abrasion-resistance, Good Elasticity and Elongation.

Applications: Glass, Ceramic, Tiles…

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