Ultrasonic-welded plastic filters

Molded plastic filter parts are assembled together by ultrasonic-welding, air-tight for medical, automotive, home appliance filtration applications

General Details

Ultrasonic-welded plastic filters

In medical and automotive industries, filter housing needs to be air-tight, traditionally, filter housing was glued; By doing so, air tight can be achieved, however, there are high rate of deficiency as glue can not fully encapsulate the filter housing. As ultrasonic welding technology introduced, filter housing can be welded without using glue but the welded part can achieve air-tight effect.

Advantages of ultrasonic-welding to the filter housing.

  1. Filter housings are tightly welded and stronger
  2. Air tight achieved to the filter housing
  3. Filter housings are cleaner without foreign matters to the plastic parts
  4. Faster and more efficient in processing the welding



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