Molded Plastic Filters

Proofer Cups

Proofer Cups certified to direct contact with food

Ultrasonic-welded plastic filters

Molded plastic filter parts are assembled together by ultrasonic-welding, air-tight for medical, automotive, home appliance filtration applications

Mesh insert injection molded plastic filters

Mesh insert injection molded plastic filters

Flow Cytometry Cell Strainers

Color-coded Cell strainers molded with food-and-medical grade nylon filter mesh, available in three different micron ratings: 45um, 70um and 100um. Even spacing makes the flow more even and quicker through the screen into the tubes

Injection-molded Filters for Liquid Filtration

Molded with different kinds of filter meshes (synthetic filter mesh, metallic filter mesh) applied for liquid filtration

Molded Plastic Filters

Filter Media molded with different type of thermal plastic resins, such as PP, PA66, ABS, ACETAL, PBT...

Over-molded Plastic Filters

Over-molded Plastic filters for liquid filtration, dust collection or sifting/straining

Automotive Plastic Filters

Injection-molding Plastic Filters applied in automotive industry

Insert-molded Plastic Filters

Plastic Filters made by injection molding with screens and filters