Our Products

FDA Compliant Synthetic Filter Meshes

Food grade woven filter meshes in accordance with FDA Regulations, widely applied in food and medical industries

Injection-molded Filters for Liquid Filtration

Molded with different kinds of filter meshes (synthetic filter mesh, metallic filter mesh) applied for liquid filtration

Polyamide Screen Printing Meshes

High Modulous Polyamide Screen Printing Mesh is suitable for curved or rigid surface due to its flexibility and elasticity.

Micron-rated Filter Bags

Micron-rated Liquid Filter Bags with rating from 0.5um to 2000um made of needle-punched felt and woven filter meshes

Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags

Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags provide liquid filtration with two major feactures: no-fiber migrations and uniformed openings, which are advantages over multifilament mesh filter bags

Fabricated Filter Parts

SHARE has the ability to engineer woven fabrics/meshes into finished or partly-finished parts for industrial filtration, sifting, separation.

PA-GG Flour Milling Mesh

PA-6 GG Series Flour Milling Mesh, compatibility with FDA regulations, safe for use in food industry.

Molded Plastic Filters

Filter Media molded with different type of thermal plastic resins, such as PP, PA66, ABS, ACETAL, PBT...