May 12, 2019

Major Parameters of Filter Meshes

Major Parameters of Woven Filter Meshes
1). Yarn Diameter Nominal dnom: The diameter dnom is measured on the thread before weaving

2). Mesh Count n [n/cm]: The mesh count n stands for the number of threads per centimeter or per inch.

3). Weave Type: Open Mesh major two weaving types are PW (Plain Weave 1: 1) or TW (Twill Weave 2:1, 2:2)

4). Mesh Opening w [µm]: The mesh opening w is the distance between two adjacent warp or weft threads.

5). Mesh Thickness d [µm]: The mesh thickness d is measured after mesh is woven and treated

6). Open Area α0 [%]: The percentage of Open Area is the sum of all mesh openings expressed as a percentage of total screen/mesh area. Very important element in filtration and printing.

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