Nylon Biopsy Bags

Quality Nylon Mesh Biopsy Bags for specimen processing provides tissue safety and excellent fluid exchange.

General Details

Nylon Biopsy Bags

Nylon mesh biopsy bags are made with solvent-resistant nylon/polyamide fiber and ideal selection for small biopsy process, they provide great fluid exchange and tissue safety. Nylon Biopsy bags can be twisted open with two fingers and pouring fixative and specimen into the bags where fixative is filtered leaving biopsy inside the bags, then bags will be closed and put inside a plastic biopsy cassette and normally processed. After processing, bags will be extracted and opened, taking out specimen and embedded in paraffin wax.


    • Easy to peel off
    • Quality Nylon Mesh, alkali-resistant
    • Moisture Absorption

Bags Sizes

    • Small Bags: 30mm x 50mm (30mm x 45mm available)
    • Medium Bags: 45mm x 75mm
    • Large Bags: 75mm x 95mm

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