Ultrasonic-welded Filter Mesh Ribbons

Ultrasonically-slit filter mesh ribbons with closed edges without fraying, applied in home and industrial filtration fields

General Details

Slitting Technique: Ultrasonically slit into ribbons

Edges: sealed and closed edges without fraying, clean and smooth
Width of ribbon from 4mm to 800mm

Ultrasonic slitting mesh ribbons

filter mesh slit by ultrasonic technique

Advantage of Ultrasonically-slit Mesh Ribbons:

  1. Edges without fraying
  2. Can be applied in food and medical industry
  3. Clean and smoothy edges
    mesh ribbons

    woven filter mesh slit into ribbons for different filtration applications

Areas where filter mesh ribbons are used

  1. Aerospace
  2. Audio device
  3. Diagnostic test strips
  4. Automotive industry
  5. Home and Industrial Appliances
  6. Infusion
  7. Membrane and Fuel Cells
  8. Perfusion Filters
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